About Us


The conservation, research and education programs of Proyecto Mono Tocón receive more and more support; each year new national and international institutions that are worried about the conservation of Peru’s natural resources join us, showing that biodiversity conservation is a responsibility without borders.

Proyecto Mono Tocón acts above all in the San Martin Region; the region with the highest rates of deforestation of Peru, but also with an extraordinary endemism and unique habitats like the tropical dry forest.

Our Sponsors

Some of our sponsors support specific projects, while others finance the various costs involved with the functioning of the association, showing their confidence to our local team. Thanks to all of them our projects also improve the sustainable economic development of the local population.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to become partner of Proyecto Mono Tocón.

Socios PMT - Finaciadores

Our collaborating partners

To achieve its goals, Proyecto Mono Tocón can count on the support and cooperation of many national and international partners.

Without the cooperation of our partners it would be impossible to obtain the present results. Proyecto Mono Tocón believes that nature conservation actions should be participative, and that the cooperation of all actors involved is essential for the effective development of the projects.