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The conservation, research and environmental education programs of Proyecto Mono Tocón receive much support; each year several national and international entities are involved in the conservation of natural resources in Peru, showing that the conservation of biodiversity is a mission and challenge without borders.

Mono Tocón Project operates mainly in the San Martin region, the most deforested region in Peru. The region is home to extraordinary endemic species and unique habitats, such as the tropical dry forest.

Socios PMT - Finaciadores

Funding partners

Some of our funding partners support specific project, while others provide financial support to the general environmental actions of Proyecto Mono Tocón, showing their confidence in the work of the local team. Thanks to all these partners our conservation, research and environmental education projects have a positive impact on the future of the San Martin titi monkey and its habitat, while also supporting the sustainable development of the local communities.

There is always more to do, and never enough budget. If you want to be part of Proyecto Mono Tocón as a financing partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.