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The principal objective of the Tres Quebradas Project is the conservation of the area around the three streams Micaela, Shitariyacu and Chope, water sources for the Bagazán village and its neighbours.

Proyecto Mono Tocón supports in collaboration with Neotropical Primates Conservation the “Association for a Protection and Conservation Area - the Tres Quebradas” of Bagazán. The local association has applied for a Conservation Concession of 4.177 hectares with humid pre-montane forest. A large part of the primary forest is under elevated threat from logging companies that work in this zone. The local association has obliged itself to actively protect the area and to exploit the forest sustainable, avoiding hunting activities and incompatible forestry activities. Proyecto Mono Tocón and NPC compiled and financed the application necessary to obtain the management of the concession. Just like with the association of Ricardo Palma, both entities have joined to develop an extensive capacity building and advice program, to give the local association the tools for the sustainable management of the Conservation Concession.

Tres Quebradas and Shitariyacu are part of the Central Huallaga Program, that intends to secure connectivity between populations of titi monkeys in the Huayabamba River watershed.


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