Central Huallaga Programme

Huallaga riverProyecto Mono Tocón executes since 2011 the Central Huallaga Programme., with the objective to identify and protect areas that potentially could serve for the conservation of the San Martin titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe) in the southern part of its distribution range.

At this moment the programme consists of two projects, which are local initiatives managed by the associations of the villages Ricardo Palma and Bagazán. For both projects we work together with the NGO Neotropical Primate Conservation.

Shitariyacu riverThe Shitariyacu project, led by the “Association for Sustainable Development and Conservation - Ricardo Palma”, intends to protect an area of 1.592 hectares of premontane tropical forest, to preserve its biodiversity and secure the water supply of the local human population.

The Shitariyacu stream and its nice scenery can become, through the creation of the Conservation Concession, an important source of income for the local human population if a sustainable ecotourism project would be developed.

The Tres Quebradas project, led by the “Association Conservation and Protection Area Las Tres Quebradas – Bagazán”, intends to protect 4.177 hectares of high ecological value that could be one of the last refuges for the San Martin titi monkey.

Bagazán AssociationBoth associations cooperate with Proyecto Mono Tocón to share their conservation experiences with neighbouring villages, in order to catalyse comparable conservation actions in the Huayabamba watershed.

The Central Huallaga Programme is possible thanks to the funding of Zoo d’Amnéville, Thoiry Peaugres Conservation and a large group of other European Zoos.


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