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Proyecto Mono Tocón is a Peruvian NGO founded in July 2009 in Moyobamba. Since September 2010 we are officially recognized as a development-NGO by the Peruvian International Cooperation Agency (APCI).

The objective of the association is the Conservation of Peru’s Biodiversity. The association is organised in three different departments: Conservation, Education and Research. The three department work closely together on each project that Proyecto Mono Tocón carries out for the protection of the natural resources in the Peruvian Amazon.

The association is managed by local youngsters, who receive a continuous support and advice from specialist of the Conservatoire pour la Protection des Primates (France) and the Sugkamat association (Spain). The creation of an international multidisciplinary group of biologist, environmental engineers and conservation managers permits us to count on the necessary tools to confront the local environmental problems.

The daily team of Proyecto Mono Tocón mainly consists of graduates of the Ecology Faculty of the National University of San Martin-T. Additionally help is received from students that realize their study projects and trainings whit the association. On this way we are able to strengthen our environmental education and research work in the San Martin Region.


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