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Environmental Education is an important component of a biodiversity conservation project. Read more.

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The Environmental Education Programmes for schools includes three specific projects, designed to provide teachers and students the necessary tools to carry out good environmental practices.

The “Theory Project” started in 2009 with the execution of an extensive theoretical and practical educational programme focussing on the following themes: Water, Soil, Air, Fauna, Flora, Biodiversity and Environmental Problems.

Through this programme the students, as well as the teachers, learn about the different interactions in the environment, how to respect their environment and how to stimulate a sustainable development. The project has become a part of the official curriculum of the schools in San Martin.

Currently we execute this project for the conservation programmes in the Alto Mayo and the Central Huallaga, supplementing the conservation and research activities conducted by the association.

The “Crea Project” has as main objective to create educational materials that are used for the education programmes of the association. The educational materials are basic tools to educate the local populations on the importance of biodiversity conservation. The project stimulates the engagement in respectful attitudes and permits the students to obtain skills that are necessary to help solving  environmental problems.  Proyecto Mono Tocón offers other conservation associations, schools and local governments the use of the materials.

The “Practica Project” completes the training program, consolidating the environmental concepts that have been learned. The project consists of practical environmental activities in the schools of the San Martin Region. It includes the decrease of household waste, the creation of small school gardens and other activities that bring the school children in close contact with the environment and that will motivate them to protect their environment.


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