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When Proyecto Mono Tocón was initiated in 2007, almost nothing was known about the San Martin titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe). Because of this lack of knowledge, it was impossible to start conservation activities. Therefore the project focussed the first years on the distribution of the titi monkey. More than 300 localities were surveyed, and the distribution range of the species could be established. The species rarely lives in areas above 1000m a.s.l. Its distribution in the south, west and north is restricted by mountains, while the Huallaga seems to act as the eastern border.

The study showed also that there is a large variation in the colouration of San Martin titi monkeys. We first thought that there were two species of brownish titi monkeys. However, after observing a large number of individuals in many localities we understood that the individuals without the white mask are nothing more than a phenotypical variant of C. oenanthe. Individuals of both phenotypes live throughout the distribution range, and mixed family groups have been encountered several times.

We currently investigate if the few remaining patches of lowland forests of San Martin inhabit titi monkeys and if it is possible to protect these. Additional studies on densities and the use of forest corridors have been planned.

The research of Proyecto Mono Tocón is not restricted to titi monkeys. We have discovered a new population of red uakaris (Cacajao calvus ssp.) in the mountains of San Martin and investigate its distribution.

In cooperation with Conservation International Peru we study the primates of the Bosque de Protección Alto Mayo.

During our expeditions, interesting data on the distribution of other primate species has been collected. This information may serve for the protection of these species.


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