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Research is the basis of a good conservation program. To effectively protect a primate species, it is important to have much information about it.

Before we start to protect a species, we first need to know where it lives, what is its distribution range. To study this, some basic information on its taxonomic status is also a requirement, to be sure of the (sub) species that we are observing. Once the rough distribution range of a species or subspecies is known, it is necessary to establish its conservation status. Is the species common, or could it be endangered? If there are threats, what are they? With the information collected, it is possible to establish what conservation measures are necessary to protect a species from extinction. Research will continue to be important to understand the behaviour and habitat needs of the species, but conservation actions can be initiated.

Proyecto Mono Tocón has its own research department, but appreciates cooperation with researchers from other institutions. So far our research has concentrated on the distribution of the San Martin titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe), while interesting information has been collected on the phenotypical variation of the species. Other studies focussed on the distribution of other primate species and birds of the San Martin Department.

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Responsable de Investigación
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