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The Shitariyacu Project is one of the first initiatives where Neotropical Primate Conservation and Proyecto Mono Tocón have joined forces. We give technical and financial support to the “Association for the Sustainable Development and Conservation” of Ricardo Palma (a small village just north of the Huayabamba River), for the conservation of their forest close to the village.

The Shitariyacu stream is an important water source for the local population. With a good management it potentially also could become an ecotourism destination, and because of that generating income for the sustainable social and economic development of the community. The local association of Ricardo Palma has handed in a solicitude for a Conservation Concession of 1.592 hectares of dense tropical pre-montane forest. The critically endangered San Martin titi monkey is one of the many endangered animal species that lives in this area. Proyecto Mono Tocón and NPC have developed an extensive program for capacity building and advice to this motivated association, to give them the tools for the sustainable management of the proposed Conservation Concession.

The local association of Ricardo Palma has started an important initiative, and is motivating neighbouring communities to join them and to create other conservation projects comparable to theirs.


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