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Team of ABOFOBAThe Ojos de Agua Project started on demand of the rural association ABOFOA, that asked Proyecto Mono Tocón to support the sustainable management of the Conservation Concession Ojos de Agua and to solve problems with the communities living around the area. The ABOFOA association manages a concession of 2.400 hectares of dry tropical forest, to conserve its biodiversity. This rural association of Pucacaca (a small village) understands the consequences of the exhaustion of natural resources and decided to take actions for the conservation of the area. Proyecto Mono Tocón wants to stimulate community conservation initiatives, like that of ABOFOA, by supporting the compilation of applications and management plans for Conservation Areas, and increasing local support for the initiatives through education programs.

Platycerium andinumThe Ojos de Agua Conservation Concession is the habitat of several interesting endemic species, including the San Martin titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe). A plant species emblematic for the area is the “Crown of the Angels” (or Staghorn) fern (), a rare epiphyte that is most often found growing on Quinilla trees, probably because of its rough bark. However, the area is threatened by deforestation and illegal hunting. Therefore Proyecto Mono Tocón has initiated an education program and supports the development of sustainable ecotourism to emphasise the economic value of the natural resources of Ojos de Agua.


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