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Morro de CalzadaThe Morro de Calzada Project started in 2010 with the objective to take action for the conservation of one of the last remaining pieces of forest for the San Martin titi monkey in the Alto Mayo.

Being an important cultural and mythical place for its climb to the peak, the Morro de Calzada is one of the most important tourist attractions of the San Martin Department. This emblematical mountain can be perceived from all over the Alto Mayo, welcoming visitors that enter over the main road. Despite being one of the most important tourist attractions, the forest on its edges lacked a legal protection.

The local and regional population regard the Morro de Calzada as an important landmark. It plays a role in many myths of San Martin and is considered as one of the wonders of the Alto Mayo. However, its important biodiversity has always been neglected. Proyecto Mono Tocón succeeded in adding its natural value to the mythical image of the Morro de Calzada.

Meeting in CalzadaTo prepare the necessary paperwork for the legal protection of the area, contacts between public and private entities have been established or reinforced. The whole process included many participative meetings and workshops, to inform the local population on the biodiversity of the Morro de Calzada, to explain the important hydrological function of the forest for the villages of Calzada and Yantaló and the importance of preserving the flora and fauna.

Proyecto Mono Tocón also initiated an extensive environmental education program at the schools of Calzada and Yantaló (the villages near the Morro), to connect the children with the flora and fauna of their environment and giving them the necessary tools to implement good environmental practices.

PEA CalzadaOne outcome of the education program was the creation of the environmental club JOESUCNA (Youth United for Nature Conservation), which participates in the creation of environmental awareness of the local population through activities organized with Proyecto Mono Tocón. The club is open to all children and adolescents of the area.

For the Morro de Calzada Project we cooperate with the Calzada and Yantaló municipalities and the Regional Government of San Martin, which take the lead in the legalisation project.


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