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Morro de CalzadaThe Alto Mayo (Upper Mayo Valley) Program promotes the protection of high priority conservation areas in the northern part of the San Martin Department. At this moment we work on one specific project, the Morro de Calzada Project, and we support projects of several other conservation organisations. Within the distribution range of the San Martin titi monkey, the Alto Mayo watershed is one of the most deforested zones. Most forest has been converted in agricultural fields for cattle-breeding and the production of rice and coffee.

The Morro de Calzada is the first conservation initiative of Proyecto Mono Tocón in the San Martin Department. With our initiative we intended to stimulate the municipalities of Calzada and Yantaló, the San Martin Regional Government and the local population to start the legal administrative process for the protection of the Morro de Calzada, a spectacular mountain near the city of  Moyobamba. The forest on and around the Morro de Calzada (some 1.500 hectares) inhabits many titi monkeys and is important for their survival.

TinganaProyecto Mono Tocón also supports conservation initiatives in the Alto Mayo that are not part of its own project. One example is the support to ADECAR (Association for the Development of Ecotourism and Conservation of the Aguajal Renacal forest), a small association created by seven families to protect the Tingana sector of the Municipally Conservation Area “AHARAM”.  

Tingana holds one of the last flooded Renacales (fig tree swamps) and Aguaje palm tree forests of San Martin, that thanks to this pionering local initiative has been conserved. Proyecto Mono Tocón supports the project with advise and capacity building of the local environmental guides, so that they can continue with the promotion of nature conservation through sustainable ecotourism.

Bosque de Protección Alto MayoThe Bosque de Protección Alto Mayo (Alto Mayo Protected Forest) is a large conservation area of approximately 182.000 hectares, including the source of the Mayo River, and is the habitat of emblematic species like the yellow-tailed woolly monkey (Lagothrix flavicauda), the Andean night monkey (Aotus miconax) and the cock-of-the-rock (Rupicola peruviana). This conservation area exists since 1987, and will be managed in the next few years by Conservation International Perú. Proyecto Mono Tocón has been asked to execute an extensive primate inventory, that will serve as the baseline for a monitoring program to evaluate the conservation measures promoted by Conservation International in this protected area.


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