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Threats to the survival of the San Martin titi monkey PDF Print E-mail

DeforestationThe main threat for the San Martin titi monkey is the massive habitat distribution. The San Martin Region has the highest deforestation rates of Peru. Most of the deforestation is concentrated on the lowland forest, which is also the habitat of the species.

A recent analysis, based on land use maps from 2007/2008, revealed that only 44% (6,500 km²) of the original habitat of the San Martin titi monkey remains. Considering estimated annual deforestation rates of up to 250 km², the actual remaining habitat may have decreased to only 5,000 km². The habitat has been reduced to small fragments, and genetic exchange between the isolated populations is often impossible. Living in small Illegal tradefragments makes the species highly vulnerable to extinction.

An additional threat to the survival of the species is that it is being hunted for food and for the illegal pet trade.

The status of the species on the IUCN Red List is critically endangered and it has recently been declared to be one of the world’s most endangered primate species.


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