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Until 2007, the Peruvian endemic and critically endangered San Martin titi monkey, Callicebus oenanthe, was only known from a few observations and reports, all from the Alto Mayo Valley in the northwest of the San Martin Region, Peru.  As part of a long-term conservation project for C. oenanthe, Proyecto Mono Tocón started an extensive study on the distribution, taxonomy and conservation status of the species.

The results of this study show that the distribution range of C. oenanthe covers the Alto Mayo, Bajo Mayo and Huallaga Central subregions of the San Martin Region. The distribution ranges seems to be bordered in the south, west and north by mountain ranges, and in the east by the Huallaga River. It is difficult to explain why the species has not dispersed eastwards near Tarapoto. There is a continuous lowland forest eastwards, up to the Marañon River. No obvious geographical barrier can be detected. It is possible that the presence of C. discolor in that area has prevented further dispersion. If C. oenanthe somehow cannot compete with C. discolor, then this could explain why its range on the eastern side of the Huallaga is restricted to a very small enclave population.


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