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Estudiantes Comunidad AwajúnThe high rate of deforestation in San Martin, the highest for Peru, threatens the natural recourses and the future sustainable use of the ecosystem services that offer the rainforest. In the past, the Native Awajun Communities have contributed to prevent the disappearance of the rainforest of the Alto Mayo with their traditions and good practices. However, traditions have been weakened, and deforestation has increased.

Proyecto Mono Tocón initiated in 2010 a Environmental Awareness Program for the native communities, in collaboration with the FERIAAM (Regional Federation for Indigenous Awajun) and the association IKAM Vida Verde (a Peruvian NGO with Awajun basis), to restore the environmental and cultural roots of the indigenous Awajun population.

This program intended, with the comic book Etsa ikaman augmatui (Etsa and the tropical forest), to create awareness of the importance of water and the serious consequences of deforestation.

The tremendous success of Etsa ikaman augmatui has contributed to the initiation of a new Environmental Education Program for the native communities, which is executed during this school year in three Awajun schools in the Alto Mayo.

An additional project of the Proyecto Mono Tocón, destined to support the native communities, is an eco-business project by the Awajun women for the fabrication of handicrafts with seeds. The objective is to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the empowerment of the women within the Awajun society.


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