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The principal objective of Proyecto Mono Tocón is the conservation of Peru’s biodiversity, with an emphasis on the protection of the San Martin titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe) and its habitat.

To reach our objectives, Proyecto Mono Tocón has planned the following activities:

•    Stimulate the creation of protected areas for the species.
•    Support the management of existing conservation areas that hold San Martin titi monkeys.
•    Promote the implementation of laws that improve nature conservation.
•    Extend the research of the San Martin titi monkey to other areas of interest (density, nutrition, behaviour, habitat preferences).
•    Consolidate the Environmental Education Program in the San Martin Region.

The factors causing that the San Martin titi monkey has become critically endangered are complex and difficult to stop. However, if we can protect the species and its habitat, we can also protect the natural resources of the local populations who depend on the forest around them.


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