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San Martín Titi MonkeyThe  Callicebus Programme is the basis of Proyecto Mono Tocón’s existence. The results of the first studies in 2007, on the distribution and conservation status of the San Martin titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe), showed that conservation measures were urgently necessary to safe the species from extinction. Therefore the local association Proyecto Mono Tocón was founded.

To counteract the  effects of deforestation and the illegal trade in wild animals, members of the French association Le Conservatoire pour la Protection des Primates (La Vallée des Singes Primate Park) developed a structured conservation plan based on local participation. A local NGO led by young students of the region was created. Nowadays Proyecto Mono Tocón has become the most active and best known organisation for the conservation of the San Martin titi monkey, and serves as a source of information for the international scientific community.

Researchs teamThrough its research project, Proyecto Mono Tocón has collected valuable information on the distribution and taxonomy of the critically endangered San Martin titi monkey and the threats to its survival. However, we still lack much knowledge on this primate species that is unfortunately on the list of the 25 most endangered primate species of the world.

Proyecto Mono Tocón has a team of experienced researchers and students that contribute to the studies on the endemic San Martin titi monkey. National and international researchers are invited to join our team!


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