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Environmental Education is an important component of a biodiversity conservation project. Read more.

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The education programme of Proyecto Mono Tocón is aimed especially at people living around conservation areas, to increase support for conservation activities and decrease human impact on nature. We do not only direct our activities at scholars, but also at other members of the local population.

With our “Story telling” project we try to inform the local population about biodiversity conservation through stories about the environment. “Carlos y la selva tropical” (Carlos and the Tropical Forest) is an effective tool to increase of the knowledge about the consequences of deforestation (erosion, lack of drinking water, etc.) and the importance of forest protection. The comic is popular with both children and adults, as it explains on a very simple way how people depend on the forest around their villages. “Etsa ikaman augmatui” is the translation of the comic in the native Awajun language.

To distribute the comic book to more people and consequently spread the message of nature conservation, it is available for schools, conservation organisations and local governments.

The “Summer School” project was born with the idea to educate children about nature conservation during the annual school holidays. The activities, meant to increase respect for their environment, are organized especially for the children that have not followed the education programme that Proyecto Mono Tocón executes in different schools.

The “Nature Club” project intends to unite young conservationists of the San Martin Region. The highly motivated youngsters receive help from Proyecto Mono Tocón to spread the nature conservation message. At this moment we have two nature clubs, JOESUCNA (Youth United for the Conservation of Nature) in Calzada and NAUCA (Children and Adolescents United for Environmental Conservation) in Moyobamba.

The “Environmental Festival” project has been started to inform the local (adult) population about the educational activities of Proyecto Mono Tocón in the schools of their village. At the end of the education programme, the children show their parents and other adults what they have learned during the year about nature conservation and sustainable ways of living.

In villages where we do not executed the scholar education programme, the festival is used by our educational team to inform people about nature conservation and environment problems.

During the festivals Proyecto Mono Tocón receives much help from the members of both nature clubs and the network of volunteers.


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