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Thanks to the experiences with the education programme in Calzada and Yantaló, we were able to establish the first contacts with the schools of the native communities around the Mayo River. These communitiesown large pieces of forest that could become important for th conservation of the San Martin titi monkey. For this project we cooperate with the German Development Agency (GIZ)and the Regional Indigenous Federation of Awajun in the Alto Mayo (FERIAAM).

Our first project with the native communities was the translation and adaptation of our comic book “Carlos and the Tropical Forest” from Spanish into English. “Etsa ikaman augmatui”, as it is called in the Awajun language, has become a very popular booklet; its distribution in schools is always accompanied by presentations on nature conservation.

The production of the Awajun comic book was a starting point for further cooperation with the native communities. In 2013 Proyecto Mono Tocón started their education programme in five schools in the native communities of Bajo Naranjillo, Alto Naranjillo and Shampuyacu.

As it is important that the education programme corresponds to the social and environmental situation of the scholars, a workshop with teachers and the educational authorities was organised. The goal of the workshop was to present the programme we had executed in Calzada and Yantaló, and to discuss the specific educational needs of the children in the native communities.  With the results of the workshop we adapted where necessary our programme, and started our work in the schools of the native communities in April 2012 with approximately 150 scholars. 

The programme consisted of a theoretical part (Biodiversity, Water, Fauna, Flora, Soil, problems of endangered species, etc.) and a practical part (compost, school garden, etc.), in order to increase the knowledge on the conservation of natural resources and stimulate actions for the protection of nature.


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