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At the start of a conservation programme, Proyecto Mono Tocón first develops educational activities about the environmental problems that are encountered by the local populations. Once the education programme is accompanied by conservation activities, the programme shifts to education on the sustainable management of the natural resources.

As part of the conservation programme in the Alto Mayo region, Proyecto Mono Tocón has executed an education programme in the schools of Calzada and Yantaló. The project has now entered the final phase with the creation of the Nature Club JOESUCNA. The members of the club will help the teachers to continue with the education programme in the schools.

The education programme in the Alto Mayo focussed on the villages of Calzada and Yantalo, because of their proximity to the Morro de Calzada, a forested area of 1.247 hectares that inhabits the San Martin titi monkey. The area is important for both villages because it holds an important source of drinking water. Proyecto Mono Tocón actively promotes the protection of this area. The first year the education programme focussed on the theoretical part, the second year on the practical part. The Nature Club JOESUCNA was created in the second year, and will continue with the education programme.


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