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The initial studies of Proyecto Mono Tocón had the objective to understand the distribution range of the San Martin titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe) and to evaluate its conservation status. The results of the studies revealed high deforestation rates and habitat fragmentation, while the illegal animal trade further threatens its survival.

It was immediately clear that, to inform the local human population about the problems that we encountered and the possible consequences for the future of the San Martin titi monkey, the implementation of an Environmental Education Programme was urgently needed.

In October 2007 Proyecto Mono Tocón started with its first educational activities in the schools, to increase environmental awareness in the populated places within the distribution range of the San Martin titi monkey.

In March 2009 Proyecto Mono Tocón organized, in cooperation with the Regional Government of San Martin and the Paz y Esperanza association, the first Conservation and Environmental Education Congress of San Martin, to establish cooperation between conservation institutes and the local government.

As officially being recognized as a development NGO, Proyecto Mono Tocon was able to develop with the regional and local educational authorities an environmental education plan. In 2010 Proyecto Mono Tocón initiated, in cooperation with the regional government, an environmental education programme in the four schools of the villages Calzada and Yantaló. This pilot project intended to increase the understanding of the environmental value of the nearby Morro de Calzada reserve, and to protect the population of San Martin titi monkeys living in this emblematic area. 

The first results of this programme were excellent. We were able to reach more than 800 students and their teachers and founded the Nature Club JOESUCNA (Young Students United for the Conservation of Nature).

Currently the education team has various projects and actions within our conservation programmes. Most projects are supported by a  network of national and international volunteers.

Alexander Amasifuén Pérez
Responsable de Educación Ambiental
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