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Peru is one of the countries with the highest diversity of bird species. More than 1800 species have been recorded, many of which can be found in the San Martin Department. Although Proyecto Mono Tocón was initiated for the conservation of the titi monkeys, we also do our best for the birds of San Martin.

In recent years, our team has been asked several times to support other organisations with a bird inventory. The inventories were necessary to compile applications for new conservation areas. As primates were also protected in the area, our study supported their conservation.

Proyecto Mono Tocón furthermore believes that sustainable tourism could play an important role in nature conservation in San Martin. The high diversity could attract birding tourist, therewith providing extra income. However, these tourists will only come if there remain birds, and it is therefore important to protect the habitat of these birds. Many interesting and rare bird species share their forest with San Martin titi monkeys, and birding tourism therefore can be advantageous for the species. To attract more birding tourists, it is imperative to know where the interesting birds can be observed and to communicate this to potential tourist. We conduct inventories to collect information, and help other organisations to promote bird tourism in San Martin.


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